Hyderabad feels cuts, babus say power sufficient

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Residents complain of regular hours-long outages.

Hyderabad: In many areas in the twin cities, residents are beginning to experience the twin discomforts of soaring temperatures and interrupted power supply. Without any advance notice, in some areas power is not supplied for two to three hours. In Marredpally area on Friday, there was no power from 3 pm to 4 pm and again on Saturday from 11.30 in the morning.

There are frequent interruptions in power supply in Manikonda, Puppalaguda, Methodist Colony in Kundan Bagh, Umanagar colony in Begumpet, Chandrayan-gutta, Bandlaguda Baba-nagar and other areas.

Transco officials dened any power cuts. They said that in the limits of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation the power demand at present was 2,100 MW per day and consumption was 47 million units. They insist that they are meeting the demand. They say there may be brief interruptions in supply due to repairs to transformers, line clearance and cutting of trees in some areas.

TS Transco director (projects and grid operation) G. Narasing Rao said that there is absolutely no power cut, not only in the twin cities but across the state. Speaking to this newspaper, he said that on February 24, for the first time after state bifurcation, the power demand reached a record 8,944 MW, but even on that day, the demand was met and there was no power cut.

He said supply may be affected due to local problems, but there was no power cut. To ensure there was no problem in the power supply during the summer months, repairs were being carried out on transformers, and line clearance work has been undertaken and during this time power supply will be stopped.

He said usually advance notice is given about a power cut when this work is being done, but sometimes this is not possible. Transco chief general manager (operations), Hyderabad city, Satish Kumar, said that there was sufficient power for consumers and there is no shortage.

Regarding the Marredpally area, he said for Addagutta and Marredpally there was only one feeder line from the sub-station, but recently a separate feeder line to Marredpally had been laid and there would no power problem in the area henceforth.

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