Humidity makes life miserable in Visakhapatnam

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Busy junctions in city wear deserted look due to heat.

Visakhapatnam: Though day temperatures in many parts of Vizag region have not crossed over 41 degree Celsius this summer, high humidity levels are making life miserable for Vizagites and residents of others parts of the region. Vizag and other parts of the region registered maximum temperature of around 38 to 40 o Celsius. However, it is the relative humidity that’s ruthless of about 80 per cent and gives Vizagites fell that the temperature is up by 5 to 6 o than normal.

Normal life got affected on Wednesday and Thursday due to the sweltering humidity (muggy weather) in Vizag city and a few other places in the coastal areas of the region as the people in the city found themselves in the swirl of summer. The busiest junctions such as Jagadamba, Daba Gar-dens, Dwarakanagar and a few other places in the city wore a deserted look as most of the people preferred to stay indoors and those outside were seen covering their faces with wet towels and scarfs.

 As the weathermen and climate experts had predicted, hot winds continued to affect the city resulting in high humidity. The level of humidity was 80 per cent for the past few days. Because of the high humidity throughout the day, people in Vizag city failed to get any respite from profuse sweating. Compared to others cities and towns in Andhra Pradesh, Vizag is the coolest places in summer as the maximum temperature hardly touches above 40 degree Celsius during summer. But, the high humid weather for the past few days is unbearable and most uncomfortable due to excessive sweating. “If the humid and hot weather continues for some more days, we can’t work and stay indoors also,” said K. Siva Kumar, a marketing executive of a private firm in Vizag city.

The weathermen said that delay in formation of sea breeze is also making life miserable in Vizag city and the heat wave conditions are very likely at isolated places over coastal Andhra Pradesh on Friday also. About two degrees above the normal doesn’t make a great difference, but Viza-gites feel hot because of the high humidity levels. Human beings are comfortable when the relative humidity is below 60 per cent, said climate experts of And-hra University. Doctors advised  Vizagites to consume lots of liquids to avoid dehydration.

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