GVMC braces up for water problem

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Visakhapatnam has been staring at an impending water scarcity, as is customary every year.

Visakhapatnam: The water levels in various reservoirs that supply water to Visakhapatnam have been plummeting. Though the situation seems somewhat better compared to last year, the city has been staring at an impending water scarcity, as is customary every year.

Meanwhile, the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) has been bracing up for the water crisis and has been chalking out a summer action plan with about Rs 4 crore.

While some works have been already granted under the summer action plan, it was learnt that the final draft is yet to be ratified. The saving grace for the GVMC this year is that the optimum water levels in the Yeleru reservoir to tide over the situation for another few months before it reaches the dead storage and starting pumping from it into the Yeleru canal. Yeleru/Godavari meets the lion’s share of the water needs of Vizag city. The water level in the rest of the reservoirs has been in the similar range as of last year.

In 2016, pumping from the Yeleru reservoir was started in the month of January itself after it reached its dead storage. According to a GVMC official, the maximum water level in the Yeleru reservoir reached 78.5 metres in 2016 compared to 73 metres in 2015.

“It will be a big advantage to the city as we can get water through gravity itself for another few months. Even then, we can start pumping from the reservoir to draw water into the canal. There is nothing to be alarmed,” said the official.

Besides proposing new borewells in various parts of the city, the GVMC would also take up repairs of the existing hand borewells and pipeline network as part of the summer action plan-2017 to the tune of Rs 4 crore.

It will also hire water tankers for 90 days to supply water in the newly merged areas such as Aganampudi, Lankelapalem, Vedulla-narava, Anakapalli and other areas of the city.

With rapid industrialisation and inclusion of Bheemili and Anakapalle in GVMC, the city is already observing lowered water supply than demand. The aged and decayed water pipes, which are laid about 20 to 30 years ago, with frequent leaks and bursts, are also a concern.

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