A game that makes you scream. Literally!

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The popular game, known as “Chicken Scream”, makes you sing and shout to your phone for playing it.

These days, apps on the PlayStore or the App Store need to have something different in order to capture attention. Consider “Pokemon Go” as an example, it went viral post release for a unique gameplay experience built into it. Even though its fad has gone out of sight, the game’s implementation of augmented reality (AR) still raises a lot of eyebrows till date. Now, there’s one more game that is here to take its share of the “viral games” fame.

Searched as the “Chicken Scream” on the PlayStore and the App Store, the game needs its players to scream or shout at the chicken character to make it move. You have to speak, sing or even hum to make the chicken move and shout to make it jump over the obstacles. Without any sound, the chicken won’t make any movement.


The game has simple “pixel-style” graphics and can run low-end devices as well. However, in crowded places, the ambient noise could hinder your gameplay, thus making it a game that has to be preferably played indoors.

While the concept of the game is novel, the gameplay style surely makes you look like a massive idiot if you are playing it outside. Several videos of people playing Chicken Scream have surfaced on YouTube, mocking the game’s players for using their voices in public in an “attention seeking” way.

The game is available for both Android and iOS users and has no in-app purchases. If you decide to play it or are currently playing it, make sure there are no babies around you as it wouldn’t be a nice gesture to wake them up for the sake of moving your chicken.

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