Freedom 251 launches tomorrow, Ringing Bells puts up new website, more products

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The media event that took place in New Delhi marked Ringing Bells showing off a smartphone that was not the actual product on sale. The product shown during the event was a smartphone from another company, which was ‘shabbily’ rebranded to make it look like a Freedom 251 smartphone.

In February 2016, Ringing Bells, a company unheard of, unveiled a smartphone brand Freedom 251, in India. They claimed that the world’s cheapest and most affordable smartphone will cost the consumer no more than Rs 251. People registered online for a smartphone and the deliveries, claimed the company, will start June 30, 2016 onwards.

The company soon announced that the product shown was a dummy and the actual product was still in the making. Last month, Ringing Bells showed the media the actual product that will be launched in July.

As for the smartphone, they claim that it will sport a 4-inch display, 1.3GHz quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage (up to 32GB support) and with a dual SIM 3G support. The camera on the device will have an 8MP rear sensor and a 3.2MP front sensor, and the Freedom 251 phone will be fueled by a 1800mAh battery with Android 5.1 Lollipop. The phone will be available in two colours — white and black. Goel also mentioned to the media that for now they will see a loss of almost Rs 140 – Rs 150 on each handset, but is positive that he will make profits with volume sales. He further added saying that he is happy that that the dream of connecting rural and poor Indians as part of the Digital India campaign and Make in India campaign will be fulfilled by Freedom 251. He claims that the devices will be manufactured in India at a Haridwar-based manufacturing plant and they plan to sell almost 2 lakh devices each month.

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