Foster should think of better designs: Netizens

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FB user Srikanth Ragavendra suggested that there should not be too much greenery.

Vijayawada: Many social media users have criticised the Norman Foster and Partners’ designs for Amaravati.

FB user Srikanth Ragavendra suggested that there should not be too much greenery. “Too much of greenery will make it national park…..Vaastu shilpa was good….,” he said.

He suggested that entry to the complex should start with kalathoranam and huge elephants on its both sides. After entry to complex, either Bharat Mata statue or national emblem statue would be good, he added.

“There should be Telugu, English and Sanskrit sign boards explaining the entire plan. The design should represent South Indian culture in architecture including Vijaya-nagara, Kalinga, Satavahana, Kakatiya, Chola, Pandya architecture styles at least at the entry gates of Assembly, High Court and Secretariat,” Srikanth said.

Ram Krishna Babu, another netizen, said the designs looked simple and nice, and suggested the government not to waste too much money on highrises.

“Instead, the government can use that money for infra development in the state,” he elaborated.

Dora Gangupam said it was a nice conceptual design. “But in detailed building design, changes are required as per our culture. Dome shapes of iconic buildings will not be a good idea.”

Another netizen Murari Yerneni said that this is a dud design. “Assembly is located away from the river in a corner. The design of the buildings is just box type. No historical architecture and culture. Assembly and Secretariat should be like in Karnataka or Rashtrapati Bhavan. Foster and Partners  should come up with something much better,” he suggested.

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