FIFA World Cup 2018: France brings it home after 20 years

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FIFA World Cup 2018: France brings it home after 20 years

Croatia fought hard for an hour but gradually ran out of steam after playing extra time in their three previous matches.

If football is nothing but 22 men chasing the rawhide sphere, then art is the result of eccentric, observant men and women with a paintbrush and easel and much time to spare, while dance is all about limbs thrown around in random angles that serve no conceivable function.

There is much that meets the eye, but what moves us goes beyond the physical machinations of the artiste.

The game that requires hardly any equipment is played and followed with equal passion. The vagaries of it — much like life — will keep you hooked once you have fallen prey to its charm. The biggest pinnacle of football is held every four years, with the world celebrating as if it’s the second homecoming of Christ.

 Workers put down their tools; armies and guerilla fighters sign a temporary truce as the globe — barring the two sides playing the game — unites, becoming one religion, one tribe celebrating the courage and vigour of the chosen few who fight for the ultimate honour.Croatia, which has been dogged throughout, started the final in right earnest with its players — essaying their roles and responsibilities — closing in on France early. But this was one battle too many and finally their aching limbs and muscles failed to answer the calls from their head as France slowly exerted control over its tired opponent — which had already played 90 minutes of extra football — to win its second world crown.

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