Fake Baba Held For Trying To Exploit Woman Sexually To Help Her Conceive Male Child

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Hyderabad: Whether we should call her a customer or client or devotee or disciple of this Baba, a woman in Toli Chowki realized that he was fake after visiting him frequently for over a year and shelling out lakhs of rupees to him for the ‘treatment’ he gave her to conceive a male child. The incident appears to be some primitive ritual that took place somewhere in a tribal area but it happened in hitech Hyderabad.

The woman lodged a complaint against 35-year-old Mannan Baba, who migrated from Haryana and practised whitchcraft as a full-time profession in Humayun Nagar under Toli Chowki police limits. He managed to attract customers by claiming to solve their problems, howsoever big or complicated they might be, and extorted huge sums of money from the gullible people mainly from Muslim community in Humayun Nagar.

This woman, after she delivered three daughters, was harassed by her husband to have a male child and somehow she came to know about Mannan Baba. First he told her, as she puts it, that an evil spirit was residing in her and that needs to be sent out as a cleansing process. For this ritual, which went on for a few days, he took nearly Rs1 lakh. Then he proclaimed she was ready to conceive a male child asked her to pay another Rs1 lakh for the next procedure. The woman paid her the money with much difficulty without telling anyone at home. She was desperate to have a male child as husband’s torture was increasing.

She failed to coneive even after three months and the Baba continued his rituals saying this time ‘pakka’ she will deliver a son. As he realized she was not going to conceive anytime soon, as the woman already had three daughters, Mannan planned to squeeze out as much money as possible before writing off her case. He demanded one more lakh and as she expressed her helplessness, he started his threatening tactics. Besides money, he also started forcing her for sex. As the woman resisted him, he scared her by saying her three daughters will be dead if he gets angry. The woman had undergone horrible mental torture from him.

Finally, she decided to cry out loud. Begum approached West Zone DCP Venkateshwara Rao and revealed everything to him. The police played some trick to nab the fake Baba red-handed. They made the woman call her promising to give money at some place in Toli Chowki. When Baba came to take money, police nabbed him on Tuesday and are making all arrangements to send him to jail. The police are investigating into the case to dig out more such extortion activity of Mannan.

What is the take away for all of us from this story?

The woman’s husband forcing her to have a male child is foolish and inhuman. The woman approaching a fake Baba for help in conceiving a male child is utter nonsense. Paying him lakhs of rupees for the witchcraft rituals is the peaks of her stupidity. But you know, this is not an isolated incident and this kind of fraud is going on for decades and even in 2017 and every place including remote villages to the cosmopolitan city of Hyderabad.

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