Your expensive headphones won’t work with the new Moto, LeEco smartphones

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Apple also is rumoured to take the same route.The race to compete with a thin and slim smartphone has been on since a few years. Though many manufacturers have managed to get the smartphones thinner than imagined, the major issue they faced were the headphone jacks. However, things are changing ahead and you will find that your own expensive headphones may not work with any of the future smartphones. Well, you will definitely see some connector convertors in the market, but they may be bulky.4013de5978c8f12ba25d3f57a8b18ab81e22555f-tc-img-preview

With the new iPhone 7 rumours about the headphone jack going missing, it seems that manufacturers were serious about it. While Apple is yet to reveal the new iPhone sans the headphone jack, Lenovo and the Chinese company LeEco have already announced their smartphones without the round audio hole.



Moto’s Z series smartphones from Lenovo and LeEco’s flagships have incorporated the audio output signals from the USB Type-C port rather than the conventional headphone jack. The Lenovo-owned Moto Z and Z Force are sporting thinner designs without the headphone jack interference. LeEco also rules in the same lines. All these devices were launched this week itself. In order to use your existing headphones, you will require a USB-C to 3.5mm jack adapter with a 3.5mm headphone plug.

Apple also is rumoured to take the same route. Audio companies such as Audeze and Bose are already embracing lightning connector technologies for their headphones.

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