Dust tornadoes rip through Chinese schoolyard, throws boy 15 feet into the air

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Lanzhou, Gansu: A series of tiny yet powerful dust tornadoes swept through a schoolyard in China, wreaking havoc and throwing a young boy about 15 feet into the air, according to a report in the Daily Report.

The schoolyard was gripped by at least three dust tornadoes or twisters that can go about 100 feet in height and can cause destruction wherever they land.

The incident took place in China’s Gansu province when the school was conducting an event in the yard.

As the first twister created panic and chaos, the school authorities immediately began evacuating the students. But before they could do much, a second twister arrived.

Dust tornadoes rip through Chinese2

The school authorities asked thin kids to lie on the ground in order to protect them. The second twister created more panic among the students as it swirled clothes, blankets and other materials in the air. It was followed by a more powerful and stronger third tornado, which shot a young boy at least 15 feet into the air.

Dust devil sweeps schoolboy high into the air:

All the teachers gathered near the twister and tried to pull down the boy but it was only after 15 seconds that the boy fell on the ground. He suffered minor injuries and has been admitted to a local hospital for treatment.

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