Don’t Worry Indian Students! US Universities Assure

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In the wake of the executive order and immigration reforms proposed by the US president Donald Trump, educational institutions in the United States are reportedly putting up extra efforts to assure foreign students of their full support.

Representatives from several institutions are sending official communiques to their authorized recruiters in other countries, especially India, promising to safeguard the interests of the foreign students. The summary of the communication from US varsities is that they would do everything in their capacity to enable foreign students and staff continue their education and work respectively.

International students are currently worried over the speculated proposals in the new bill which could not just tighten rules for H-1B visas but also limit OPT (Optical Practical Training) that allows foreign students with F-1 visas to secure jobs after study. US institutions on the other hand are assuring that they would ensure the proposals in the Bill would not be accepted in the House of Commons.

Already the management of several varsities has raised its voice against Trump’s reforms as they knew that their revenues would take a hit if the restrictions force foreign students from seeking admissions. It is no secret that foreign students bring in huge revenues to the US institutions and they feature in the world’s top varsities mainly because of those who come from across the world to study and teach.

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