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Devadas Reviews

‘Devadas’ keeps the spotlight firmly on the bromance between its two lead actors

Take the title of this film seriously. It’s more than a hint that its mainstay is the coming together of Nagarjuna (as Deva) and Nani (as Das). Their bromance and the resulting fun is the movie’s crux and several other parts get swept to the position of ‘also-been-part-of-the-ride’.

Director Sriram Adittya takes his time to establish these two characters and their backgrounds. A lot of people in the gangster world and the police force supposedly don’t know who the dreaded Deva is. The aura is built up as though Deva is omnipresent, invisible and can strike any moment, anywhere. Had this been a thriller, intelligence officers and spies will have their hands full. Here, despite all the mystery surrounding Deva, only a small group of cops headed by Murali Sharma is on the lookout for Deva.

On the other hand is doctor Das, befitting the definition of ‘Ramudu manchi baludu’; he’s looking to begin his career at a swanky corporate hospital and when he steps into its portals with reverence, you know things will go awry. ‘MBBS, MS, gold medallist’ becomes his tagline and later he gets nicknamed as ‘gold-u’ by Deva.

Das knows his subject but doesn’t know the knack of handling an ego-ridden senior and is soon thrown out. It’s hard to believe that he will not land a job anywhere and will have to set up a clinic in a rundown building, sharing space with a compounder who’s actually a tailor! Where else but in a masala film would you find such predicaments.

The film begins thus on a shaky premise but once the actual meeting of Deva and Das happens, leading to hilarious situations, we settle in for a jolly good comic ride. Credit goes to Nagarjuna and Nani for making this bromance worthwhile. Some of the comic segments are well constructed and it’s fun to watch these two actors bring the house down, often, with their impeccable timings.

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