Comment about acrobatic dog viral video gets more attention

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Hint: It has to do with the name of the person who posted the video.

What happens when you post a video of an adorable dog doing something cute? It’s bound to go viral.

On Wednesday, Twitter user @satherax, whose name is reportedly Sath Rogen tweeted a video of brown dog showing off its acrobatic skill when it insanely manages to squeeze itself through a closed gate.

The clip was only six-seconds long, yet gained 100,011 retweets and 195,732 likes.

It also managed to receive more that 2,000 comments, but there was only one that shocked Twitter users.

Did you notice the person who posted the video is named Sath Rogen? Well Hollywood star Seth Rogan was shocked about that himself and decided to ask.

“Your name is sath?,” he tweeted. To which a shocked Sath said yes. His comment seemed to be as exciting as the video or maybe even more.

“Sath & Seth Rogen coming together is highkey (highly) more impressive than this dog,” one Twitter user said.


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