Chiru’s Daughter Responds On RGV Tweets

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Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, who gives sleepless nights to celebrities with his razor sharp tweets, has targeted celebs of almost every film industry every once in a while. Mega family is the most affected victim of Varma’s satires on twitter.

In the last one month, all the three mega brothers have reacted to Varma’s comments on separate occasions. First, Naga Babu breathed fire on Varma during Khaidi No.150 pre-releae event. Usage of words like ‘Akku Pakshi’ is a testimonial of how frustrated he was with the ‘Siva’ maker’s tweets.

Later, during an interview, Chiru softly criticized Varma for degrading his own stature with such unnecessary criticism of others. Pawan Kalyan went a step ahead and commented that he wouldn’t deal with a person who claims openly of watching porn despite having a married daughter.

Now, mega daughter Sushmitha also has some strong words for Varma. She said that mega family laughs off RGV’s tweets over lunch and dinners. ‘There is freedom of expression in this country and anyone can say anything. But, those saying only negative things should be blocked from social media,’ she said firmly.

Although Sushmita said that mega family takes Varma’s comments lightly, their reactions explain how frustrated they all are. Varma has already retorted in his usual witty manner to Naga Babu and Pawan’s comments.Let’s see how Varma reacts to Sushmita’s fresh comments.

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