Cheyutha Special School-TSS Cheyutha Society

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Cheyutha Special School (CSS):

The Children with special needs (Intellectual and Developmental) in the age group of 6-18 years gets needs based services which include:

  • Continuation of Behaviour modification.
  • Continuation of Physiotherapy and other Therapeutics.
  • Continuation of Speech & Communication.
  • Causes and Consequences of Disabilities.
  • Early Identification and Early Intervention.
  • Screening and Certification.
  • Disability Acts and Policies.
  • Pension, Schemes and Benefits.
  • Protection and Security.
  • Health Scheme – extended by the National Trust, GOI, New Delhi.
  • Aids & Appliances and Travel Concessions (Bus & Train).
  • Employment / Livelihoods.
  • Opportunities for Life Care Services.
  • Other need based Services / Supports.

On annual basis, this Centre provides information and facilitation services to around 85 targeted groups.

Cheyutha conducts various other Programmes and Celebrations at Institute, Home, Community and other specified places in addition to the above Projects and some such includes:

  • Meets for Parents / Siblings / Grand Parents.
  • Orientation Camps for other Stakeholders of Disability / Community.
  • Home Based Programmes.
  • Community Based Programmes.
  • Medical Camps, Screening & Assessment Camps.
  • Facilitation for Aids & Appliances.
  • Facilitation for Disability Certification.
  • Counseling & Guidance Camps.
  • Training Programmes for Paretns / Siblings / Grandparents / Health Workers / Community Members.
  • Sports & Games, Cultural & Recreational Programmes.


Cheyutha has started its journey in the year 2008 and achieved several milestones with creativity in reaching its targeted groups who are majorly socially and economically marginalized and isolated from the mainstream community development.

The services, training and models of retaliations are need based and are well accepted by the Parents, Community, Professionals, Institutions, and Government by way of appreciation, association, supports, recognition, and need based approvals.

Cheyutha works with the sole aim of empowering these children both socially and economically so that they will be part of the mainstream with better sustainability and quality of life (QOL).

With the experience and expertise gained while catering the needs of the targeted groups, Cheyutha has framed matching Future Vision to reach such children who are not yet reached both quantitatively and qualitatively.

It is the proud privilege of the parents of daughter having special needs to be known with connectivity to the World as Founders of ‘TSS Cheyutha Society’. Miss. ‘Mahati’ is the daughter of Dr. T. Krishna Kumari and Shri. T.S.R.A. Sharma. parentsmahathi

As a first issue, Mahati came to this world like any normal child and whole family enjoyed the moment with celebrations. She was absolutely normal with all the developmental milestones till the age of 7 years which includes education in normal school. Later attacked by Meningitis, she remained in coma for 2 months.

The positive attitude of her parents brought change within 3 years. Now she (32 years old) is moving and able to attend some of her daily activities. Her mother, being a Doctor is fully dedicated for the cause of disability with innovation and creativity. Mahati is categorized under ‘Mental Retardation’.

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