Chandigarh: Pink Turban campaign urges girls to stand for themselves

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Chandigarh: Pink Turban campaign urges girls to stand for themselves

On the occasion of National Girl Child Day, the Pink Turban campaign organized a program to celebrate girls and womanhood at Gurukul Global School, Manimajra; where young pupils of the school expressed their support to the cause through powerful speeches and poems as well as thought-provoking dance performances. Principal Urvashi Kakkar, Managing Director Parveen Setya and president Neena Setya were also present.

Urging the youth to help bring a change in how the world thinks of the girl child, guest of honor SK Setia, director of Swaran Jayanti committee, said, “Women should constitute half of the population of the world but in a lot of countries this is not the case, which has distorted the balance of nature. It is the demand of the current times that each and every individual should get the right to be born and live, irrespective of gender.”

Deepak Dhillon, state editor at Dainik Bhaskar, shared the example of the animal kingdom to emphasize his point. “The female of any species exercises ultimate authority over her choice of partner and no other creature has any say in her decision but in case of humans, the women have given up their right of choice over their own lives and that is the crux of the problem. Our history is full of strong women and many men in our epics were recognized by their mother’s name, which clearly depicts that equality was a belief of our nation. This belief needs to come back and women have to take the reigns of their lives back into their hands and only then can the world change,” he said.

The Pink Turban campaign is the brainchild of Pramod Sharma, Yuvsatta chief, and has been promoting its message for nearly four years since its inception. While addressing the young students of the school, he shared the motivation behind the campaign, “A turban signifies responsibility and that is why, traditionally, on the death of an elder in the family, the oldest male is made to wear a turban to indicate that the responsibility of the family now lies in his hands. Keeping the same motivation in mind, a pink turban is tied around the head of girls which symbolizes that they themselves carry the responsibility of their lives and are not weak or dependent on anyone. It is to reinstate that they are strong enough to stand up for themselves and their rights.” he said.

To emphasize his point of how of a woman’s conviction, he screened some inspirational videos of Arunima Sinha and Greta Thunberg. He also mentioned the Finnish Prime minister, who is the youngest serving state leader in the world.

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