Bengaluru: ‘Wheelie’ Juber now messenger of safe driving

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Bengaluru: A 21-year-old youngster, who was arrested and shamed for performing dangerous stunts and wheelies on road last week, has now become a poster boy of the traffic police to spread awareness on safe driving on city roads. The youngster, Mohammed Juber, in a 57-second video is seen urging fellow motorists, youngsters and fellow bikers not to indulge in dangerous stunts.

“I was doing stunts, wheelies and flamingoes since I was 16. I didn’t bother about the safety of other drivers and riders. But when I read about the death of an 18-year-old girl student, Shiny Kiran K., who was run over after she fell off the pillion when the rider suddenly did a wheelie, I understood the importance of life. I request and urge my fellow biker friends and others not to indulge in stunts and perform wheelies. Thrill is in living and not performing stunts.”

Juber was arrested after the police found his photos of performing wheelies on the Facebook. Mr Abhishek Goyal, DCP (Traffic-East) said, “It feels good when you see the youth acting responsibly. Juber approached us and told us that he wanted to spread the message of awareness among fellow bikers and youth. He said that since he knew how the stunts were performed, it would make a difference if he appealed to the youth not to play with their lives and ride safely.”

The east division police, who are continuing their drive against youngsters performing wheelies on roads, seized 21 motorbikes and arrested eight people, including two minors. “The maximum number of modified bikes used for performing stunts was seized from Pulikeshinagar police limits, followed by Banaswadi and Shivajinagar traffic police limits on Monday evening. FIRs were registered under Sections 279 of IPC & 181,184,189 IMV Act,” a police officer said.

The police are keeping an eye on those indulging in drag races and performing wheelies. They are also taking the help of informers and social networking sites to identify youth performing wheelies. Once caught, the police recommend the transport department officials to cancel their driving licences.




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