BBMP will burn waste to generate electricity

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Heat will be trapped by incinerating garbage and power will be generated.

Bengaluru: With existing scientific waste processing units not functioning effectively and causing untold misery to citizens, the BBMP is contemplating generating power through garbage.

Following widespread protests by villagers and complaints from residents living near the waste processing plants about the unbearable stench and air pollution caused by leachate processing, the BBMP has planned to scientifically incinerate or combust the municipal waste to generate power, said Sobodh Yadav, BBMP special commissioner (Solid Waste Management).

Heat will be trapped by incinerating garbage and power will be generated. This can be used for lighting street lamps. Garbage will be incinerated as per environmental standards and within permissible limits, he said.

After the necessary approval is obtained from the government, tenders will be floated and approvals will be given through the single window system. These plants will be set up along with waste propellants. Both the plants will be made functional, he added.

Efforts like mandatory segregation of garbage at source and ban on plastic materials have not given positive results and garbage-choked areas, dubbed ‘black spots’ by residents across the city, have been multiplying, Mr. Yadav said.

Presently, the scientific waste processing plants converting waste into compost, takes about 30 to 40 days. When the garbage is allowed to dry through ‘wind row’ for bio-culture, a stench comes forth  and spreads to surrounding areas. Various measures to curb the odour have failed to yield positive results, he added.

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