APSRTC introduces mini buses in Guntur city

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The APSRTC officials forwarded the proposal of mini buses to higher officials which got approval.

Amaravati: The APSRTC plans to introduce mini buses in the city following the private operators to earn good income.

It had introduced metro buses as city services in the city in August last year. The narrow unplanned roads became obstacles to run metro services to all areas of the city.

The general city buses cannot ply in the congested roads of old Guntur, Brodipeta, Arundelpeta, Kothapeta, Pattabhipuram, Lalapeta, Agraharam and other areas. The private operators are successfully operating mini buses in these localities for the past two decades. These private operators are plying nearly 100 mini buses which can run easily in the busy centres and narrow roads. The APSRTC is operating mini buses between Tirupati and Tirumala. So, the organisation is hopeful about the success of the mini buses in Guntur also.

The unruly plying of the autorickshaws in Guntur city became a big problem to the public and the police. Commuters J. Naveed, D. Ganesh and others said that the APSRTC city buses will not go to all areas and the private mini buses will go without time sense. So, the public are travelling in the autorickshaws. Admitting that the jampacked travel in the autorickshaws is proving futile, they said that the public will travel in the mini buses if APSRTC plies them according to a timetable.  They said that the private mini buses are not following a timetable which takes at least 30 minutes to travel 3 km distance from the bus-stand to the railway station. So, there would be good promotion to mini buses if the APSRTC maintains time schedule.

The APSRTC officials forwarded the proposal of mini buses to higher officials which got approval. APSRTC officials informed that primarily, 50 mini buses will be introduced by the APSRTC in Guntur city and later the number of buses would be increased according to the demand.

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