Anushka’s Bhagmathi Gets Bigger

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Post Baahubali, Anushka Shetty is busy with her upcoming film Bhagmathi. The actress has already finished shooting for the film. But she is often spotted on the sets for some kind of a reshoot or patchwork. The latest update on the film is that the producers are very happy with the output of the movie and they believe that Anushka Shetty will stand out as a strong performer. The makers have already spent a lot of money on the project to ensure the best. Anushka also worked hard and lost a lot of weight to fit into the role.

The interesting buzz is that the graphics and VFX work is going to be the highlights in the film and we learned that the makers have spent over 5 crores on the same. Grapevine has it that the makers are so sure of the ROI that they are willing to spend another crore promoting the film in a big way. The audience have only upped their expectations from Anushka after her spellbinding performance in Baahubali.

Directed by G. Ashok, the modern-age-thriller is produced by UV Creations.

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