Andhra Pradesh: Seers differ on Krishna pushkarams

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The Endowment Department controlled TTD panchangam has decided the Krishna pushkaralu start date as August 12.

Vijayawada: Noted Hindu Peetams led by seers and astrologers have once again differed on the muhurtham of Krishna pushkarams and 15 important festival schedules during the coming year.

The Endowment Department controlled TTD panchangam has decided the Krishna pushkaralu start date as August 12 while Srisailam temple panchangam fixed the muhurtham for Krishna pushkarams on August 3.

Both the panchangams headed by the government announced two different dates. Likewise, top peetams, Srungeri and Kanchipee-tam,  announced next year’s Ugadi on two different dates, March 28 and March 29.

People of AP will have to celebrate 18 festivals for two days during the next one year as per the panchangams. The government controlled temple institutions panchangams have anno-unced two schedules for Godavari Pushkarams as July 7 and July 15 last year.

Now the scene has again reversed for Krishna Pushkarams. The government will announce Pushkarams schedule but one section of pundits and public are requesting them to evolve a policy on these differences.

Panchangams written by astrologers fixed dates for 18 festivals differently. This includes festivals like Ugadi, Sri Raman-avami, Srikrishnastami, Kaveri Pushkaraalu, Kart-ika Pournami, Vaikunta Ekadasi, Mahasivaratri etc.

Government urged to hold talks on dates
Noted astrologers Srinivasa Gargeya, Kanchipeetam Siddh-anthi L Subramanya Siddhanthi and several pundits have asked the government to end the confusion about festival dates by holding discussions with experts.

They said some of the astrologers are following Druganitham while some others are implementing Purva Paddathi. This is the reason for differences in festivals and auspicious occasions, they added.

They also requested the government to announce the festivals and its schedule without any difference at least in temple panchangams, which are controlled by the Endowment Department.

The Druganitha system is correct and already union government of India has accepted it officially. Andhra and Telangana Panchanga Karthala Samakya also requested the state government in past when three muhurthams were fixed for Krishna pushkarams.

However, senior citizen, K. Venkata Ramaiah said government should appoint expert astrologers and Vedic pundits as temple board members, advisers, Asthana Siddhanthis. The differences could be avoided using expert pundits, he added. He said the government Agama Advisory Board should also involve actively for avoiding the confusion in festival announcements.

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