This amputee’s funny prosthetic will give you a ray of hope

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Ruben Carol lost his left leg in 2005 in a hit-and-run accident before he decided to get the prosthetic

Losing limbs in an accident or otherwise can be quite depressing and not many people are able to deal with the shocking reality. A man from California however has taken it in his stride and made a funny situation out of it with a rather gory looking leg to freak people out.

According to a report in Unilad, Ruben Carol lost his left leg in 2005 in a hit-and-run accident and spent five weeks in coma and six months in hospital before going into depression. Ruben’s wife wasn’t the encouraging kind and left him by saying he wouldn’t ever get anybody. He however made it through the difficult period and decided to create the prosthesis with the help of a company called Magnum. The prosthesis looks like a freshly cut leg with a bone sticking out and blood all around.

Ruben is now working with Magnum which recruits amputees to help with simulation training for other amputees. They use a funny take on the tragedy to deal with it better.

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