The Allies Turning Into Follies

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The Allies Turning Into Follies

Amaravati: “A Politician can have charisma as long as the people he deals with are dumb”
They say that a week is a long time in politics and four years since then must be a lifetime.

Nara Chandrababu Naidu, the self-styled CEO of Andhra state has been living a charmed life in the public school of politics in the state for the last four years.

A casual study of his politics can make you believe he is a rare mix of “Machiavellian, Freud, Kautilya, Marx, Thomas Baso, Baba Ramdev, Anna Hazare and an embodiment of all the political,  reforming and marketing wisdom of the world” – A Complete Corporate Marketing Politician.( as per his own trumpeting).

How long he would live this charmed political life would be a conjecture of time as the political scenario in Andhra is all set to witness some interesting developments in the coming days.

Thanks to the strained relations in his alliance with Modi whose present tactics in AP appears to be based on a perception that the AP state figures not high in his must win states’ list, as the presence of his party in the state is confined to its mere existence and is not a formidable enough to win on its own.

The perception is that the BJP needs not to win enough seats on its own, as long as both the TDP and the YSRCP remain willing to support it at the centre post- 2019 elections.

In Modi’s scheme of things, CBN is facing anti-incumbency, while he suspects Chandrababu might lean towards a Third Front and can’t be reliable in the event of the BJP needing numbers to form the government post-2019 elections. And as such, Chandrababu remains no more a trusted ally, if a Third Front takes a shape in the run up to the 2019 elections.

Thus, the strains were on public display with the resentment/anger of the TDP MPs over the alleged raw deal meted out to the AP state in the Union Budget on the floor of the Parliament.

There is a parlance in business management called ‘false advertising’, it’s a way to mislead people into buying a product by misrepresenting said product.

False advertising has been used for ages to lure the gullible, the majority of a consumer base, into parting with their hard-earned cash. Once conned, a consumer has little to do but walk away frustrated and deal with the ignominy of being gullible.

The latest parallel in politics for false advertising is the governance of Chandrababu Naidu, the only politician mastered the art of false advertising to con the people to buy his political product that was misrepresented with make believe hopes.

Now as he completes more than four years in the office and getting ready to face the next elections, the CM, who boasted of “I can do anything” is starting to face the reality of his folly of false advertising of his product.

Well, for the last one week, the people of the fiscally deficit state have been witnessing a “greatest political show” on the planet earth.

A show that will make all Shakespearean Dramas look silly and Machiavellian politics look absurd, and the graphics scenes that made “Bahubali” an epic movie appear outdated.

The suspense of the political Drama being enacted by CBN and his party revolves around a question on whether CBN and his TDP would remain the trusted ally of Modi.

Naidu has shrewdly planned his agenda to set goals for his political ally, the BJP with his heavy basket of economic wish list for the residual Andhra Pradesh.

For the last four years Naidu, exceled on rhetoric over long term vision, and actually tried to relish to translate that into a game of real politics.

Deft at the agenda-setting function, he even put the burden of sharing his all electoral promises on Modi, who appears on par with Naidu’s rhetoric, in promising moon to the people.

Naidu premised his agenda completely on financial support he is seeking from Delhi. He asserted that he would make very frequent visits to Delhi for securing maximum assistance for Andhra Pradesh.

A clear manifestation of saying categorically that it was the responsibility of his alliance partner Narendra Modi to come to the rescue of the debt-ridden residual Andhra Pradesh.

By evolving his politics around the above strategy, shrewd Babu has insulated himself from any future criticism that he has failed to implement the poll promises and that it was Modi and his party BJP who takes all the blame for failing to rescue the state from its miseries.

Naidu has positioned himself up to his old rhetoric of pointing fingers at others for his failures, a main theme that would be his campaign in the run up to the elections in 2019.

If he can arm-twist Modi to meet his demands, he obviously claims credit for the same.

If he loses the plot, even more naturally he blames it on the alliance partner.

If someone is distraught with his approach, he gives a damn. After all, he did not spare the legendary NTR…..

…..Hence, Who is Modi?

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