Agro Research Products-brings you for the first time the two most sought after Exotic Coffees ……

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Agro Research Products,a Vijayawada based agro-trading company with a strong foothold in diverse businesses brings you for the first time the two most sought after Exotic Coffees ……

Indian Civet Coffee & Monkey Parchment Coffee.

These Exotic Coffees are procured in raw form from the coffee Plantations of Araku valley Growing region in the state of Andhra Pradesh, where Arabica Coffees are cultivated by the Tribals under the natural forest shade.

Till now everyone is of the opinion that Civet Coffee is available only in Indonesia. But the same animal, which is called Indian palm Civet here, is in existence in the forests of Araku valley too and so is the availability of this Rare & Exotic Coffee. For this reason we named our product “Indian Civet Coffee” to create its own identity and promote it under “Make in India”concept. Similar to Civet Coffee is “Monkey parchment Coffee”, which is prepared from the beans half-eaten and spat out by Rhesus Monkeys.

The raw coffees undergo a stringent process comprising of eight stages, which is developed by our R & D team after a lot of research and technical guidance from the Coffee experts to make the final product. The finished product is supplied to clients according to their requirement in the form of Green beans, Roasted beans or Roast & Ground powder.

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