Actor Prakash Raj Sends Defamation Notice To Mysuru BJP Leader

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Actor Prakash Raj said he will file a defamation case against BJP parliamentarian from Mysuru, Pratap Simha, for allegedly posting defamatory content on social media against him

BENGALURU: Actor Prakash Raj is angry. This time, it is with BJP parliamentarian from Mysuru, Pratap Simha. Mr Simha, in Facebook and Twitter posts, had allegedly made personal comments against Mr Raj — and the actor says he is filing a defamation case against the politician.

Copies of the MP’s posts were attached with a letter released by Mr Raj’s lawyer. One said, “Being sad due to sons death, having left your wife and ran behind dancer, Do you Mr. Rai, have any right/legitimacy/worthiness to say anything to Yogi-Modi??! (sic)”

Another said, “Your name in Karnataka is Prakash Rai and Prakash Raj in Tamil Nadu, you change your name & identity according to your convenience & necessity in different states.”

Prakash Raj has been critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP over a range of issues in the recent past.
The notice asks for an unconditional apology from Mr Simha in writing that should be publicised, and for him to remove the posts on social media.

“I have sent a legal notice to Mr Pratap Simha… as a citizen of this country for the way he has trolled me. I have done this because 99 per cent of those who troll are behind the mask, but now people who are straight, who are most responsible representing a constituency are part of trolling,” Prakash Raj told reporters in Bengaluru.

“He has to reply to my queries. I have questioned his act of trolling. I am asking him to answer legally, and if he doesn’t I will be taking criminal action against him,” Mr Raj said.

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