4-yr-old girl’s incredible song Dinosaurs in Love goes viral

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4-yr-old girl’s incredible song Dinosaurs in Love goes viral

A four-year-old girl’s song on dinosaurs has surfaced on social media and will for sure make your weekend better. British singer Tom Rosenthal’s daughter Fenn came up with the lyrics of her song, Dinosaurs In Love, in fact. As far as the tune is concerned, Tom did help her and the result is absolutely incredible.

Fenn’s one-minute song was shared on Twitter by Tom with the caption, “Fenn, my nearly 4 year old daughter, recorded her first ever solo song today. She came up with all the words herself and I helped her a little bit with the tune. It’s called ‘Dinosaurs in Love’. ”

The lyrics of Dinosaurs in Love are mentioned in the video while Fenn’s song plays in the backdrop.

This is cute but pretty deep as well!


That Fenn’s song is crazy, crazy viral already shouldn’t be surprising as the video has five million views, almost 64,000 retweets and over two lakh likes. In the comments section, netizens couldn’t stop gushing over the song and especially, its ending.
“This is a Grammy award nominee in the making! The good and pure still exists and I’m grateful you shared this. Please thank your daughter,” a user said.
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